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Voyager Features

Happy Voyager 

Built In Bobbin Winder -
No more running out of pre-wound bobbin threads! Wind your own! Happy has installed a built in Bobbin winder. Make your bobbins any color you need. You can wind a bobbin anytime. You don't have to wait for the machine to sew.


Run caps easily with our semi wide cap frame option. No more flattening the hat out in a standard hoop. Our cap system allows the hat to travel in a semi circle along the sewing arm thus creating a flat surface when the needle travels along the panels of the hat. Try our unique, new low-profile cap frame. Get great results on a tough hat!


Narrow Cylinder Arm -

Sew where no one has sewn before with our ultra-small cylinder arm. Pockets, Cuffs, Gloves, Sleeves, Golf Club covers and other tight spaces are easy for our narrow cylinder arm!


12 Needles -

Never change thread in the middle of a design again! Built with 12 needles, the new Happy Voyager gives you plenty of space to thread all of the colors in your design before you start!


Thread Adjusting Spring -

Happy's thread adjusting spring helps to provide a smooth upper thread supply and high quality embroidery even at high speed! Your projects will take less time and are particularly beautiful.


Intuitive Color Touch Screen -

shows key sewing information at all times!


Rotary Thread Break Sensors -

Don't take the chance of ruining an expensive garment or waste time running a design twice. Our rotary thread break sensors detect thread breaks, spool end, frays, bobbin breaks and bobbin ends!



Click here for Technical Specifications for Happy Voyager HCS2-1201-30TTC in PDF brochure.


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